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Working at Carlyle is a fast-paced, challenging and stimulating career option, providing excellent opportunities for personal and professional growth and development. We partner with many of the UK’s leading companies, helping them to attract the best talent for rewarding roles crucial to their business success.

Our clients demand, and deserve, exceptional service to help them achieve their goals. We work across a broad range of sectors, working with industry leaders and entrepreneurial innovators in a variety of fields, ranging from SMEs to multinational corporations. Our team is the heart of our business and we value them accordingly.

We offer a range of rewarding roles at Carlyle. Your career will be built on solid foundations and 14 years’ of success:

Share in success

We believe achievement and commitment deserve recognition and our remuneration opportunity is one of the best in the industry. We operate in a meritocracy, where hard work, creative thinking and going beyond the norm is rewarded and where you can be rewarded with ownership of the practice.

Career development

Your career progression is a priority at Carlyle. At every stage of your career we will work closely with you to ensure you receive opportunities and experiences to help you grow. We will encourage you to actively manage your career path and seek opportunities to embrace responsibility and accountability. We will support and fund relevant external development to boost your professional skillset.


You will be encouraged to stretch yourself professionally and personally. You will be supported and encouraged to engage in endeavours that help you grow and develop your skill sets and talents, and your achievements will be celebrated by the business and the team.


Fun is one of our core values and integral to our culture. Our ethos is based around hard work, enjoying what we do and appreciating the people we do it with across the team. At Carlyle you will be joining a social, enthusiastic group of professionals committed to our culture of mutual support, value and fun.

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Having a partner in this field who takes the time and effort to really understand your business and drivers is a valuable asset. These guys do exactly that and deliver a professional service every time.

Mike Welch, Founder & Former CEO,

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