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November 1, 2018

I am not a ‘typical’ Graduate Intern in that I have experience in both Marketing and Operations, in various different settings and sectors. I have worked in this capacity within Contingent Recruitment, Human Resource Consultancy and, most recently, Hospitality. So, in many ways, I understand how multiple industries and businesses work.

However, I reached a point in my career where I determined branching out and expanding my core skill set and knowledge was not only the most logical step forward, but also an essential part of developing my career, and by extension myself. Search has always intrigued me; it is unique in that many people aren’t aware that it exists and those that are aware either work within the industry or know someone that does. However, I personally never considered it a long-term option for myself, as I did not realise the creative scope that it allows for, and actually, that it demands. This perspective changed upon engagement with Carlyle – an innovative and progressive firm in what I considered to be a largely traditional industry.

I can honestly say that Carlyle has provided me with a highly rewarding experience so far. I currently fulfil a Business Support function, and it is quite a multifaceted role covering Marketing, Operations and Research. Much of what I do is focussed on assisting with the day-to-day work of the business and the team, including: event management, assisting on live Searches, administration, design, and digital optimisation.

Whilst I assist with general functional assignments, I have also been tasked with larger, more specific projects; many of which I run independently and which have had a direct positive impact on the firm. One of my main projects involved assisting a Partner and Associate with multiple complex market mapping assignments, which was extremely valuable not only for my personal understanding of the basic principles of Search, and of Carlyle’s specialist approach, but also for my understanding of the industries mapped.

Carlyle have also been extremely receptive to new ideas and perspectives out with their own. This has allowed me to not only develop and hone my existing skills, whilst building new ones, but also to apply my own knowledge and experience in ways that add to Carlyle’s culture and brand.

I am genuinely excited for the second half of my internship, and I imagine it will be just as diverse and demanding as the first. I continuously look forward to going into an office where no day is the same as the one that preceded it. I will be assisting with more live Searches and market mapping assignments, both of which I have a growing affinity for. Whilst I will be continuing to refine the skills that Carlyle has helped me develop so far, what I really look forward to is learning more about the structures and operations of the organisations we work with, as well as those we research.

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