Carlyle Graduate Internships: Meg’s Final Thoughts

January 15, 2019

As 2019 begins, my internship with Carlyle draws to a close; however, my time at the firm is far from over. The last few months have been an incredible learning experience for me, and whilst I’ve thoroughly enjoyed my wider support role, I’m looking forward to beginning my new, full-time position as a Client Delivery Manager with the firm.

In December, I spent more time working with the client delivery team, with the intention of developing a clearer understanding and greater breadth of knowledge of the end-to-end Search process. The research element of Search has always been of particular interest to me, and I found great benefit in shadowing experienced client delivery managers, assisting with market mapping for live assignments and helping to compile intelligence reports for clients. Being part of the day-to-day delivery of assignments taught me that this is truly a workplace in which no two days are the same, because no two Searches are the same; for me, this is one of the most interesting aspects of working in this industry. Each client and candidate that we engage with is unique, with their own individual requirements and goals. As such, ensuring that we are delivering the best possible process for all parties not only requires detailed industry knowledge and a robust methodology, but also a creative and personal approach.

The collaborative nature of the team was of huge benefit during the latter half of my internship, especially when embarking on my first projects within the client delivery function. Even if other members of the team were not directly working with me on a project, they were always willing to share their knowledge and experience. This sense of community is reflected in everything that the firm does, and I have enjoyed working with people who set a high standard for themselves as individuals and the firm as a whole.

The final part of my internship was not without personal challenges: one of the key remits of the client delivery team is to ensure continuous improvement is at the heart of everything we do, which involves constant adaptation in our processes to ensure we are delivering the highest standard of work. Learning how to be an active driver of this culture, to be flexible in approach yet consistent in standards, and to effectively navigate complex scenarios has been one of my greatest areas of personal and professional development. The opportunity to work on multiple permanent and interim assignments, as well as operate as part of the team responsible for delivering industry research projects, has been incredibly immersive and important in this regard. What initially felt challenging and unfamiliar has become far more natural and comfortable, and my confidence in my own abilities has grown significantly as a result. From these foundations, I look forward to developing in my new role as a Client Delivery Manager, and I’m excited to be part of the Carlyle team as we enter 2019.

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