My Summer Internship at Carlyle

October 25, 2017

As I conclude my four months at Carlyle, I can summarise my internship as an intense but extremely rewarding experience; the work, team and culture have taught me so much beyond business responsibilities. As I mentioned in my last post, I have been involved in a number of tasks out-with my marketing role, which has made each week interesting and challenging at the same time. Whilst at points I have felt the pressure to keep up with the fast-paced nature of the company, the satisfaction that comes from seeing the tangible result of a finished document or helping a team member has given me a great deal of pride and personal satisfaction.

My main project has been creating a strategy to update Carlyle’s website to reflect the growth of the business, a task which seemed slightly daunting at first. The refresh included reviewing all aspects of the website, from technical elements such as researching hosting providers to helping with content creation and copywriting. Although I had some previous digital experience, I knew little of the structure which comprises the back-end of a website and understanding the technical jargon was confusing at first. However, I knew that this research was essential for providing accurate recommendations and educated myself through speaking with suppliers and industry experts, so that I could give the best possible advice to the team.

Whilst this has been my greatest challenge in the workplace throughout any of the internships I’ve completed, it has also been the most rewarding. I successfully compiled a report outlining the technical, commercial and marketing aspects that should underpin the update of the website and presented it to the Partners of the practice. The entire process allowed me to use the research abilities I gained during my Business degree, and also taught me that I am capable of confidently presenting my research and making business recommendations based on what I have learned. Although at times it felt slightly overwhelming to undertake such a complex project, I received a lot of support both internally and externally which helped boost my confidence. I am thankful for being given responsibility for my own project because I feel I’ve progressed enormously in terms of my practical skills during this internship. 

As I prepare to start my next role, I will certainly keep in touch with Carlyle and am already planning the next time I can see the team. My experience has not only allowed me to make visible business contributions, but I have also met a supportive and interesting group of people who have taught me that you can balance professionalism with good relationships at work. Regardless of the industry or role I end up in the future, Carlyle has shown me the type of inclusive, collaborative culture and company I want to work for.

For more information regarding the Carlyle Internship programme, please contact Rachel Bell,

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